The buzz cut

My name is Caroline. A project manager by day; a wannabe photographer, potter, yogi at all other times.

After (what felt like) a pretty decent year to date, I was diagnosed mid September 2017 with breast cancer.

Why this blog? Why put this out there? Two reasons.

For me, it’s simply a form of therapy. Of having an outlet where I can write how I feel, get what I want off my chest. Be honest to myself with how I am dealing with this (quite frankly) sh*tty situation, and doing what I can to get through it as best as I can.

Secondly, it’s a centralised place where those that know me can get updates on where I’m at. Since diagnosis, I was beginning to struggle with the overwhelming messages, calls, visits, and texts. I found I was repeating myself over and over, and it was simply getting a bit too much for me. This is my place to share what’s happening if I don’t personally get back to you. And if you just so happen to be someone that has stumbled across this blog by chance, then welcome 🙂

I’m certainly not a writer, but I feel like my honesty and humour can put a different spin on what people believe is the “journey” that is living as a cancer patient.

Thank you!